Portland Or air duct cleaning customers can get a great price & great service!
Portland Or air duct cleaning customers can get a great price and still get great service thanks to portable air duct cleaning equipment!

There are 3 basic pricing tiers and level’s of service for Portland Or air duct cleaning customers to choose from:

-Low priced, low service Portland Or air duct cleaning:

Yes, a homeowner can find air duct cleaning for as cheap as $99 for their “Whole House!”. But, you might as well save your money and do the best job you can yourself with your personal vacuum. Just based on fuel costs &  L& I rates alone, it is impossible for a company based in Portland Or to offer air duct cleaning at these prices and still be a legitimate business. These companies survive by hiring underpaid undertrained air duct cleaning “techs”, using a base model shop vac and equipment that most homeowners have to lie around their garage, and worst of all, an aggressive sales tactic. There is no way a legitimate Portland Or Air Duct Cleaning company can possibly turn a profit or even break out of the red if they are truly doing “Whole house Portland Or Air Duct Cleaning for only $99!!” as advertised. If it sounds like a scam, it is. If you are inclined to call companies running these specials, ask them about equipment, training, any hidden costs our fees and how long they have been in business. It only takes a minute to check the BBB to see if they have been reported.

-High priced, good service Portland Or air duct cleaning:

The old-fashioned truck mounted air duct cleaning machines costs a lot to maintain, and are a very high initial investment. The truck-mounted air duct cleaning systems use a gas powered motor on a massive vacuum mounted to the truck. It does create a very high suction. A large diameter hose runs to the furnace, where a large hole is cut into the furnace sheet metal so the hose can be mounted. Typically, one tech will run the vacuum, while another will go thru each vent with a cordless drill and a whip with a brush on it to agitate the debris inside the ducting. Some Portland Or air duct cleaning outfits use an air injection nozzle to break loose debris inside the duct instead of a whip, both accomplish the same task. In our local market, from what I have seen the companies using the truck-mounted systems do have a great reputation and strive to do good work. Keep in mind, the only suction point is at the furnace. This means that while smaller debris will prob make the long travel thru the ductwork to the furnace and eventually their suction hose, what about the larger debris? Or even worse, what about the sticky debris containing molds & bacterias? There is just no way moldy sticky food particles or larger debris is going to travel the entire length of ductwork from one suction point. My opinion, for this type of Portland Or air duct cleaning, you will pay more and there will still be larger debris & sticky pieces in corners and bends of the ductwork.

Mid-level pricing with a top of the line service:

Portable air duct cleaning machines have truly changed the industry! They are about twice the size of a normal shopvac and have two of the same powerful motors you will find inside of coin-op carwash vacs. A drive motor inside the machine spins a cable routed thru the vacuum hose. At the end of the hose is typically a quick-connect fitting so that brush sizes can be matched perfectly to duct sizes. There is no invasive hole being cut into the furnace. The vacuum suction is directly behind the brush that knocks debris lose, so the sticky nasty debris never has a chance to settle & stick before it is sucked up into the hose. The portable machines take half the time to set up & tear down, so we are able to reduce labor costs and pass the savings onto our Portland Or air duct cleaning customers!

Don’t pay more for less, don’t pay less just to get ripped off! If you have any questions, please contact us anytime

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