Do not forget employees during the holidays! Now is the time of year to remember the awesome guys and gals who helped our company get to where it is. We have nothing but awesome reviews online, and tons of happy customers!

Just like all the Christmas movies, don’t skimp on letting your employees know they are appreciated. At J&M, we had a great dinner at The Heathman Lodge all of our Techs plus their spouses. We got everyone a room for the night as well, which eliminates the worries of anyone driving after a few drinks.

The Heathman has been a great place to hold our J&M Christmas party! The hostess allows us to come in early and put gifts & bonuses in everyone’s room before they arrive.

The manner in which we treat our techs has been by far the number one reason for our success. All of our Tech’s take every job personally. I have never in all my years in construction seen a tighter knit “Work-Family”

Congrats to all the hard-working folks out there, and have a great Christmas!!

Jeremiah & Michelle Doty, owners, J&M Services

Do Not Forget Employees During The Holidays

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