Air Duct Cleaning Services Uncover Some Real Treasures


It’s a pretty common thing for us to find lost items while performing air duct cleaning services for our clients.  We’ve found all kinds of things, sometimes even very expensive items, diamond earrings, bracelets, rare coins, but rarely do we come across a story about finding something as valuable as our friends at J&M Services found recently while performing air duct cleaning services in Beaverton.

It got me thinking about when I was a kid and stashing thins in secret places.  I use to have this little cubbyhole in a tree in our backyard that I would hide things in, I wonder how many of those things someone else came along and discovered years later?  I’m sure there are hundreds of stories like this, some kid hid something and forgot about it and then years later it turned up, just amazing to us that it turned up while something like duct cleaning services were being performed.  If you haven’t had them done in a while it’s probably time for you to schedule your own duct cleaning services for your home, who knows maybe we’ll find a treasure for you as well.

Check out this story on their blog, it’s really pretty amazing.