Air Duct Cleaning Portland OR before the Holidays will really help keep the dust down!

Dust Cleaning is vital to the health of your family
Air Duct Cleaning Portland OR before your Holiday company arrives is a great and affordable way to cut down on your cleaning time! If the air ducts in your home are dirty, so is the air in your home. Portable machines make it simple and non-intrusive. Once dust starts to build up in your ductwork, it’s only a matter of time before your heating system disperses dust all thru your house. Have you noticed after dusting a certain piece of furniture that there is a layer of dust on it within a matter of days? Have you spent an hour dusting all around every heating vent in your home only to have them dust streaking again the very next day? Do you notice “something” in the air inside of your home? Not necessarily an odor, but you can just tell there’s something in the air? If you answered YES to any of these questions, it’s time for a professional duct cleaning! The great news is that you’ve stumbled across this informative blog, which has a link to our website.

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Air Duct Cleaning Portland Or customer’s have written us great reviews telling us over & over again how much cleaner their furniture and walls were staying after a thorough cleaning by J&M Services. Almost all of the great reviews also have mention of how wonderful our Duct Cleaning Technicians were. Comments like; Very Polite, Patient with me and explained each step of the duct cleaning process, they really took their time to make sure the job was done right, and many more positive comments about our wonderful duct cleaning Technicians. Take a minute to search us out online and see the 100’s of great reviews yourself!

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