Air Duct Cleaning Portable Machines has changed drastically in the last decade! Air duct cleaning was considered an expensive service when I was a kid at home. Old truck mounted bag systems were fun to watch, but horribly expensive to maintain and a substantial initial investment, keeping prices higher than many believed benefits were worth.

Air Duct Cleaning Portable machines use dual powerful vac motors, the exact same motors in powerful car wash coin-op machines. Old truck mounted systems use larger 8″ or 10″ hoses, and must make enough suction to pull all debris thru the entire system thru one access point. It’s just obsolete tech! Companies must pay to maintain this equipment, with all of its specialized parts. They also have to provide maintenance for the truck the equipment is mounted to. The machine is very heavy, which makes the truck work extra hard, in turn requiring the truck to have more repairs than it would without the constant heavy payload. All of these extra expenses are passed on to YOU!

The portable machines are engineered to use a smaller diameter hose, and access each vent individually. The brush spins directly on the end of the suction hose, so debris is immediately sucked up as the brush works it loose. If there is a particularly nasty area inside ducting, the portable machine sucks it up instantly, whereas a truck mounted system must draw and drag nasty debris thru the entire system to get to their access point. Our machines are a modern design, made to be lightweight, which greatly reduces the workload put on our vehicles. Operating Overhead Expense is drastically reduced over old school technology. We pass the SAVINGS on to YOU! In closing, Air Duct Cleaning Portland Oregon is more affordable and a greater service with modern portable machines

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