What are the costs for Air Duct Cleaning Portland Or & Dryer Vent Cleaning?

Of course one of the first questions a customer asks when calling: What are the costs for air duct cleaning Portland Or and dryer vent cleaning Portland Or?

We see many different ways to charge for air duct cleaning & dryer vent cleaning Portland Or. Many companies charge by the square footage, or length of heating runs, size of ducting, etc.

We decided early on to keep our billing very simple and easy to understand. We charge per heat vent and per return air vent. Dryer vent cleaning charges range slightly based on length of ducting and difficulty. Before you call, walk around your home and count all the heat supply registers, and count up the larger cold air returns. If you have an exact number, we can give you an exact quote for duct cleaning over the phone. Don’t worry if you miss a vent or two, our per vent prices are very low and we can confirm the billing before completion of the job.

Beware of any company offering “Whole house air duct cleaning Portland Or for $99” or similar ads!! They are ALWAYS a scam. Most of these companies will show up in a pickup truck with a shop vac. Without the proper equipment, your just throwing your hard earned money away.

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