Proudly offering Air Duct Cleaning for Residential & Business Owners in Portland OR.

Reasons Customers in Portland OR should have Air Duct Cleaning:

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   Expert Air Duct Cleaning for improved air quality in your home or business.

  • Having our air ducts cleaned in our home was a blessing for my daughter’s year-round allergy problems. Anybody who has indoor allergies would greatly benefit from Air Duct Cleaning Portland OR
  • If you are noticing excessive dust on furniture, duct cleaning is a great way to cut down on dust thru out your home. We noticed an amazing reduction in dust everywhere after having our air ducts cleaned
  • Air Duct Cleaning Portland OR will eliminate dust from around air vents.
  • Visible debris inside air vents is a key sign that it’s time to have your air ducts cleaned.
  • Folks that own pets tend to need their ductwork cleaned more often in Portland OR.
  • During new construction, debris is dropped inside uncovered air vents. Too often ducting is used to dry out jobs during sheetrock mud & taping, pulling debris from sheetrock into air vents. Every new home built in Portland OR should have duct cleaning done as a portion of their final cleaning before moving in.
  • Portland OR customers moving into a new home or rental. A previous owner or tenant may have introduced pet dander, molds & bacteria or even worse into a home’s heating ducts. Young children can spill food or drinks into air vents, breeding mold spores that your family will breathe. If you are moving into a new home or rental, it is highly suggested to have air ducts cleaned
  • After having a new furnace installed, if you are reusing an existing ducting system, you should have your air ducts cleaned. It makes no sense to draw old nasty mold spores, debris & bacteria thru an expensive new furnace! Many Heating & Cooling companies will sub J&M’s air duct cleaning Portland OR services whenever they install a new furnace.
  • Portland Or customers living in rural areas or off of gravel roads. The constant dust brought inside from living on a gravel road or rural setting more often than not requires more frequent professional air duct cleaning.

Step by Step Air Duct Cleaning technique:

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  1. The technician does a full walkthrough and answers any questions or concerns.
  2. Supply vents are cleaned all the way back to the furnace itself by the technician.
  3. The powerful dual vacuum system brushes while simultaneously collecting dirt & debris inside the ducting.
  4. The technician works back through the system overlapping ducting, ensuring optimal coverage.
  5. The air handler is topically cleaned by a technician.
  6. Environmentally safe air fogger treatment (optional) is applied to duct system then circulated thru out ducting by furnace blower.